Top 5 Industrial Safety Gloves Brand in india 2020 , Best safety gloves only

Top 5 Industrial Safety Gloves Brand in india 2020 , Best safety gloves only

Safety Gloves– A Must Have in Your Industrial Safety Kit

Security Hand Gloves are intended for guarding hands against cuts and scraped spots. At Cronakart, we have an unmistakable thought regarding the difficulties mechanical laborers are presented to all the time. Along these lines, to guarantee the wellbeing of experts and working experts, we have thought of another scope of security gloves that are appropriate for use in the hardest working conditions.

The work safety gloves accessible at Cronakart offer an elevated level of insurance against high voltage electrical flows. These gloves have been decisively intended to protect the hands from synthetic substances and fluids that may cause consumes, physical infirmities, and various different issues.

The spilling of unsafe synthetic substances is the significant reason for mishaps endured by experts inside plant settings where the utilization of synthetic substances and modern fluids is very normal. In addition, these warmth safe gloves are helpful in taking care of modern apparatuses and hardware. Accordingly, the utilization of cut-safe gloves has gotten very basic in processing plants and plants.

Top 5 Industrial Safety Gloves in india 2020 , Best safety gloves only

Wide scope of Safety Hand Gloves at Cronakart

At Cronakart, we have secured the wide and most recent scope of wellbeing gloves from driving brands, for example, Midas, Nova Safe, Chemisafe, and so forth. You can purchase wellbeing gloves online dependent on your individual needs dependent on shading, glove type, and materials utilized.

We examine the nature of sourced things well to guarantee that the items sourced by us fulfill their necessities. Our value extend is serious for home and industry-based purchasers, however for retailers too. The cotton and elastic gloves accessible on our site have been sourced from providers with tenable market notoriety.

These gloves can be utilized by modern laborers as well as by specialists and analysts too. Created from the best nature of crude materials, they offer an elevated level of protection from a wide range of modern fluids and synthetic substances.

Top 5 Industrial Safety Gloves in india 2020 , Best safety gloves only

Purchase Safety Gloves Online!

Warmth safe gloves are most appropriate for use in enterprises, for example, petrochemical and oil and gas. Cronakart gives various kinds of gloves including winter gloves, elastic gloves, heat-safe gloves, dispensable gloves as a piece of its assortment of wellbeing gloves on the web. We have tied up with a portion of the main providers to meet the differing needs of our client base.

A portion of the main sorts of gloves accessible at Cronakart incorporate careful gloves, cotton gloves, latex neoprene security gloves, cowhide hand gloves, and so on. To guarantee the accessibility of every one of these items to clients inside the submitted time, we have tied up with driving coordination organizations.

This has helped us to construct a dependable picture among our clients who require top-notch security hardware. We have kept the costs of all these gear inside a sensible range to guarantee that purchasers can obtain them without feeling a squeeze in their pockets.

We cling to the most recent techniques for quality testing to guarantee that every arranged item arrives at clients in an ideal working condition. Come, have a special encounter with purchasing security gloves online at!

Top 5 Industrial Safety Gloves in india 2020 , Best safety gloves only

Honeywell  cm General Polytril Safety  Glove


White polyamide sewed glove

Dim oilproof nitrile covering on palm and fingertips

Versatile sewed wrist

  • Advantage


The sewing procedure assists with acquiring a glove that adjusts cozily to the hand, with great smoothness.

The glove offers the most extreme solace and included strength.

The very close gives the glove immaculate help, constrains the infiltration of earth, and offers a decent touch.

The ventilated back improves the glove’s breathability.

The weaved and elasticated wrist gives the glove great help.

  • Opposition

The nitrile covering at the palm and fingertips gives remarkable scraped spot obstruction and impermeability to oils.


Its dark covering makes the glove more oilproof, therefore expanding its last.


Fortuner Black and White Cotton and Nylon Cut Resistant Safety Gloves

Shielding your hands from any outside dangers, these highly contrasting safety gloves guarantee extraordinary grasp and solace. Offering an incredible fit, these gloves are produced using cotton and nylon. These gloves are solid and simple to keep up, these enemy of cut hand gloves are light in weight and perfect for household or modern use.

These have cotton lining, nitrile covering, and are concoction safe. Better Quality and Comfortable than Wear and Use in Industries, these Fortuner Black and White Cotton and Nylon gloves are the best decision.

Midas 7 Inch Chain Mesh safety Gloves

All Midas 7 Inch Chain Mesh Gloves are made by utilizing quality guaranteed material and propelled methods, which make them up to the standard in this profoundly testing field.

The materials used to produce Midas 7 Inch Chain Mesh Gloves, are sourced from the most solid and authority Safety Gloves merchants, picked in the wake of performing nitty gritty market reviews. In this manner, Midas items are generally recognized in the market for their high caliber. We are dedicatedly engaged with giving an incredible quality cluster of Midas Safety Gloves.


Item subtleties

Glove Material Polyethylene

Glove Size M

Glove Colour Grey

Glove Style Knit Wrist

Item Range CGM Series

Security Category EN388:2004

Esab Welding safety  Gloves

Item Description

Quality, Comfort, and Durability: ESAB hand gloves are made of uncommonly tanned excellent calfskin with comfort lining. Kevlar fasten and configuration highlights like fortification, welting and so on guarantee Durability

Welding Hand Gloves 14”,16”,18”– Heavy obligation chrome cowhide, heat-safe, Kevlar fasten, completely welted and strengthened thumb groin for sturdiness

HR Hand Gloves-Top evaluation select cowhide, heat obstruction up to 350°C, Kevlar line, full extraordinary coating for higher warmth protection

TIG Professional Hand Gloves–Soft Nappa grain cowhide, high adroitness, Kevlar line, wraparound first finger, strengthened thumb groin, and 15 cm expanded warmth safe sleeve

Hardcore Hand Gloves–Heavy obligation chrome calfskin, full knuckle security, wing thumb, vein fix, rubber treated sleeve, and elasticated wrist tensioner

Application Areas:

MMA Welding

MIG/MAG Welding

TIG welding

General Handling

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